Top 5 Things Your Home Designer Needs to Know

Just like there is no such thing as a stupid question, there is no such thing as too much information that you can provide your designer. That said, there are definitely varying levels of importance for the information you provide in relation to your custom home plans. For example, saying that you prefer drawers instead of base cabinets is needed by the cabinet company, but it does not affect the floor plan design. Also, knowing that you want dark siding with light trims is important when your finishes are being selected, but it is not something that needs to be discussed at your initial meeting. The following 5 items on the other hand, are the first things you should tell your designer in order to give them the best information to design your dream home:

5.  The amount of experience you have with home design and construction.

If you have never designed or built a home before, your designer can be a valuable resource for informing and guiding you. They can prepare you for what to expect, ensure your budget matches your expectations and educate you on new features and options available. On the other hand, if this is the third home you’ve built you will not need the same amount of guidance, but your designer may be able to get valuable insight from what worked and didn’t work for you in the past.


4.  How well you can visualize

Designers can take for granted their experience dealing with house drawings every day and their ability to visualize. Depending on your experience and ability to visualize, the presentation of drawings may seem like it’s in another language. If your designer is aware of your ability ahead of time, they can modify their approach to aid you in visualizing your design, possibly recommending to prepare the drawings in 3D, if they have the appropriate software.








3.  Your must haves

Not to be confused with your wish list, these are the things you will not sacrifice in your new home. If your ensuite needs to fit 100 pairs of shoes or your garage needs to house a small wood working factory your designer needs to know this from the beginning. Those items can be easily incorporated into the design at the early stages, but not so easily after the fact.

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2.  What you don’t like

There is a lot that a designer can draw from when designing your home; what’s trending, what will help resale, the rules of architecture, and their own preferences. But the most important thing is what YOU like and don’t like. Telling your designer what you don’t like ahead of time can still offer them creative freedom while ensuring you are not utterly disappointed when they unveil your home plan.

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1. Who you are

To truly personalize your home plan to you, your designer needs to know who you are. … If you  love to read, cook or paint; If you work from home, work shift work or run a daycare; If you sleep in on weekends, always entertain or have a large family that comes over for every holiday.  All of these things can help your designer add major or subtle details, to make your new home perfect for you!

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~ By Mike Herperger

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  1. Bijin Babu on

    I’m looking to build a attached double garage to my bi-level style home. And would like to have man’s den or useful living space on top of garage. And an additional entrance to home between home and garage. These are my ideas and not sure about city laws would allow or not. So I would like to get these ideas draw and submit to city of Regina. Hope to get an affordable offer from your company to make this project happened. Thanks.


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