What Is “Prairie Style”?

Prairie Style homes grew out of an ‘organic’ approach to architecture, created by Frank Lloyd Wright at the turn of the 20th century.  Organic architecture focuses on creating harmony between the house and its natural surroundings to the extent that they are viewed as one.  Rather than designing a house and then placing it on… Read more


The Definition of Contemporary Homes

Not so traditional…. Unlike traditional architectural styles, the Contemporary style is not tied to historical construction methods and materials and often is more relatable to the way we live today.  Contemporary design has reappeared after a few decades of re-working of heritage styles.  These new fresh designs feature an abundance of glass and natural light,… Read more

Is Bigger Always Better?

Size vs Practicality We live in a world where success is often tied to the size of our house or cottage, and in many cases square footage receives higher priority than quality design and materials.  When we look back to the large ‘mansions’  built a decade or two ago, we recognize the pattern of large… Read more

Welcome to our new website….and blog – “Perspectives on Design”

  Welcome! We look forward to engaging with you on a weekly basis as we bring you some of our “perspectives” on the ever-changing world of home design.  We will provide thoughts and tips on everything from architectural styles to rainwater recovery systems to aging-in-place architecture.  Let us be your filter… The internet is full… Read more