Farmhouse Facelift

Look familiar? There are thousands of homes in this style that dot the prairies, not to mention the thousands more in both urban and rural areas around North America. Their popularity was sparked by their simplicity and functionality. In a post war era where everyone dreamed of owning a home of their own, homes needed to be built quickly and economically. It didn’t have to be fancy. It didn’t have to be unique. It only needed to be a house that had the promise of becoming a home.

There are three or four typical floor plans that are common to this style of house. If you take a moment to think about it, you can probably think of three or four people you know that live in one. Perhaps you live in one yourself. Usually 24 to 28 feet wide and 40 to 48 feet long; sometimes with a jog about halfway down the front wall to tuck in the front door. That front door inevitably opens into the living room and the space provided for shoes, boots, jackets and all the accompanying outerwear is usually grossly undersized. Not as bad as the back or side door, however, which often opens into a corner of the kitchen or onto a small stair landing that’s two or three steps down from the kitchen. A hallway leads to a bathroom and three generous bedrooms, one slightly larger than the others, with a couple feet more closet space for mother and father.


We’ve taken one of those common plans and given it a dramatic facelift. We’ve updated it to accommodate today’s way of life, with a large kitchen, full master suite, and laundry room. It also has a new attached garage and a mud room and foyer combination that will keep everyone from tripping over each other, not to mention each other’s shoes. It is designed in the modern farmhouse style to give it an exterior facelift that’s current and welcoming.

This may not be your floor plan but hopefully it can provide some inspiration for the possibilities within your own home. We offer design and construction drawing services for renovations and additions on every scale. We’d be happy to help you turn your house into the home you’d like it to be.

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