Good-Bye Clothing Chaos


In today’s society people tend to have an abundance of clothing and they need a place to put all of these items. Properly organized closet space with storage solutions can turn a closet that looks like a tornado went through it into a masterfully organized showroom. Many master bedroom designs try to incorporate a walk in closet which has become a room on its own, big or small. When given the option most North American home buyers will opt for a walk in closet compared to a reach in closet, so builders across Canada and the USA will ensure that it is worked into the design. Walk in closets can be built very affordable or you can spend a lot, depending on your wish list and budget.


A standard reach in closet is 22”-24” deep with varying widths depending on house size. Most home builders will provide the standard rod and shelf; however that is not your only option. You can use prefab wire shelving that is adjustable to different widths of closets or double rod and shelves for more hanging storage. The next step up would be prefab storage systems that allow you to create your own unique system of shelving and hanging space, allowing for shelves, drawers and rods. Custom built solutions will be the most expensive and vary in cost depending on the finish materials selected.

Depending on the square footage of the home the size of the walk in closet will vary. A typical walk in closet will have shelving in an L-shape or U-shape depending on the width and depth with a standard rod and shelving. When you are investing in custom cabinetry for the space there are many types of storage options you can select from; drawers for jewelry, belts, and other small items, shelving for shoes, hats, clothing and hanging spaces for ties and handbags. The drawer pulls you put in here can add to the style of the cabinetry or you can select quiet soft close mechanisms for a clean look.  An island in this room will create added space for more storage or perhaps a bench area to sit when you get tired of trying on too many outfits for that special night out. You can incorporate a recessed ironing board in the cabinetry or pull out from the wall. Full length mirrors either hung on the walls or lavish dressing mirrors will be placed in this room. Fancy ceiling finishes like faux beams, a coffered ceiling or a dropped bulkhead with chandelier in the middle will also add to grandness of the room. With today’s technology you can even have rotating clothing and shoe racks to help you find the exact item you are looking for without too much work. Some clients will even place a stacking washer dryer in the walk in closet for their personal use.

shoe organizer

Lighting is a very important factor in any room in your home and closets are included in that too. You can add interior lighting to the cabinets and shelving, ceiling mount or pot lights for general lighting to transform a regular room into a boutique. When there is natural lighting in the room, the windows in tend to be opaque or covered with drapes or blinds to limit the amount of direct sunlight to the room.

loveseat and window

Another storage option is the California closet look where the closet is not separated from the bedroom but a part of it, open to the room with built in cabinets, drawers and shelving. This can be created in a nook of the room or take up an entire wall length depending on the needs of the client. California style closets are more common in Europe; however in Canada most designs tend to show a door separating the rooms from one another. Regardless of closet style, organization is ‘key’ and you will be less likely to let chaos in your closet!


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