3D Renderings & Virtual Tours

We can produce our 3D renderings and 360 degree virtual tours beyond the standard included with your custom home design and allow you to see your home in full colour and detail before it is built! By perfecting your design before construction begins, costly delays and on-site changes during construction can be avoided.

3D Renderings

3D renderings let you see exactly how your home will look. Customize windows and doors, change materials or colours, or add design elements all in minutes. 3D renderings give you peace of mind knowing your home will look exactly the way you envisioned it. The standard exterior or interior 3D rendering is enhanced to include:

Intermediate Enhancement: Detailed Enhancement:
•  Single exterior view of home •  Single exterior view of home
•  Client selected colours •  Client selected colours
•  No landscaping •  Full landscaping


Intermediate Enhancement: Detailed Enhancement:
•  Interior rendering of single room •  Interior rendering of single room
•  Client selected finishes •  Client selected finishes
•  Custom kitchen cabinetry (if applicable) •  Custom kitchen cabinetry
•  No decoration •  Full interior decor






Virtual Tours

You will be able to “stand” in your future home and have a 360 degree view. You don’t need to try to imagine what the room will look like or how the furniture will fit. You will be able to see your vaulted ceiling, open living room or grand staircase in 3D colour!