Do You Want To Build Your Own Tiny House?

The tiny house movement has been growing in popularity for several years throughout the United States and has started to gain appeal in Canada as a way for people to live a simple, portable, more affordable lifestyle. Robinson Residential joined this movement in 2015 with the design of our Dragonfly-20, a contemporary style take on the tiny house. But we couldn’t stop there! We realized that to fully understand what goes into building a tiny house you need to build one yourself ~ so we did! To our delight, the Dragonfly-20 turned out as we envisioned with all details working out as planned.

Experiencing first-hand how much work and research it took to build our tiny house, we wanted to make the process of building a tiny house easy for others. We already had a very detailed set of blueprints. We already had sourced all of the materials and got first-hand experience putting them together. So the last piece was to bundle it all together in our DIY Tiny House kits which are now being offered for all of our Tiny House designs.

What’s Included

  • Highly detailed construction blueprints
  • Materials needed to construct your tiny house
  • A comprehensive instruction manual

While we wanted to provide all of the materials you need to build your tiny house, we realized that the fixtures and appliances selection would depend on your access to water, sewer and power as well as your own personal preferences. Also, some items, such as the roofing membrane, are better to be purchased and installed locally so that you have warranty. Contact us for a list of what is provided in our tiny house kits.

Important Facts

  • Our kits save you time planning and constructing your tiny house.
  • All of our kits include Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for the floor, walls and roof. The SIPs makes construction faster and easier and provides higher insulating levels and air tightness.
  • Delivery options are available or you can pick the kit up yourself.
For more information and pricing on our DIY Tiny House kits please Contact Us.


Frequently asked questions

How is a tiny house different from an RV?

The main similarity between a tiny house and an RV is that they are on wheels.  A tiny house is built with higher quality materials, insulated for year round use and it feels like a tiny “home”. Tiny houses are also heavier than a typical RV and usually planned to be a semi-permanent home.

Where can I put my tiny house?

Every municipality seems to have  different rules as to what is allowed so it is imperative to check this our before starting your tiny house project. Typically rural or recreation properties would not restrict the use of a tiny house.  While larger centers tend to have more restrictions, we are beginning to see some  urban areas and developers respond to the tiny house movement by creating allowances for them and in some cases, even creating tiny house developments.

Can I live in it the winter?

Yes, our tiny house kits offer the similar insulating levels as you would find in a traditional house and, due to their small size, can be quickly heated. They also have better air tightness than a traditional home ensuring the warm air stays inside.

What if I want a different interior layout or finishes?

We offer a shell package and a full package. You do not get any of the interior finishes or millwork with the shell package but this allows you to design your own tiny home interior. If you wish, we can assist in designing a custom interior layout and you can source the finishes yourself.