"What is Craftsman Style?"

The arrival of the Craftsman style was spurred by a reaction to the over excessive decoration of the Victorian Style and a need to provide well designed, attractive and affordable homes to the new emerging middle class in the late 19th century. A more informal life style was enhanced by covered porches with wide tapered columns, fireplaces and kitchens that were meant for family meals instead of being the domain of servants. Homes were constructed with low sloping roofs, with broad overhangs and exposed rafter tails. Wood and stone replaced the ornamentation of the previous styles and these simple natural materials related the homes closely to their surroundings. The later resurgence of this popular style is a testament to its relevance and appeal to family life.

Craftsman Home Plans

Craftsman home plans feature a combination of wood siding types, covered porches with wide tapered columns and low sloped gable roofs with wide overhangs. The floor plans are typically open concept  with stone fireplaces being a main feature of the home. With open concept home plans they still clearly define rooms with varied ceiling treatments and beams or arches dividing rooms.  It is also common for craftsman home plans to feature built-ins like window seats, nooks and cabinetry. They encourage a strong connection to the outdoors with large double hung windows and covered porches, often screened in. At the heart of craftsman home plans is a celebration of visible craftsmanship, simplicity of form, local natural materials and comfortable family life.


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