Multi-Family & Mixed-Use Design Process
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Step One

Initial Consultation

We make designing your multi-family or mixed-use development a breeze and it all starts with getting to know you and the requirements for your future development. We offer a complimentary meeting with one of our designers for you to convey all of your thoughts, ideas, and economic requirements for your project. We will follow up the meeting with a proposal for the scope of work and fees for your project. You can fill out the Request for Estimate form below or contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

Step Two

Schematic Site Planning

Due to the driving factors of economics and feasibility, multi-family and mixed-use projects require the design process to start with site planning! Many factors need to be considered at this stage, such as zoning bylaws, architectural controls and building code to ensure that all rules and regulations have been considered. We design & sketch to explore all possibilities and nail down what will work best for your site and requirements. These sketches, while schematic, provide a rough idea for building size and include site features, such as parking, playgrounds and refuse/recycle.

Step Three

Design Drawings

With a schematic site design complete, we move on to designing the building(s) floor plans, exterior and fully detailed site plan. Our experienced and creative design team keep in mind your target market, budget and function of the project to fine-tune a design that hits every mark! We start with designing your floor plan, then move on to the exterior design, allowing time for your review and feedback each step of the way. All drawings will be presented to you in black & white 2D. Additionally, we’re able to provide realistic 3D colour renderings to fully capture the development (a great tool for marketing!).

Step Four

Construction Drawings

Builders and Trades love working from our plans. Our construction plans are accurately detailed & easy to read, which minimize costly delays on site. We are able to establish which other consultants are required for the scope of your project, and seamlessly work with the consultants to get your development under way. We can help guide you through determining the construction specifications that work best with your design and all the multi-family and mixed-use requirements of the building code. Once complete you will have everything you need to start building or pass off your plans to a qualified builder!


Ready to Begin?

Fill out the Estimate form and we will schedule you in for an Initial consultation with one of our designers.

Multi-Family & Mixed-Use Design FAQs

As much information as possible. Information about your development and site as well as an outline of what would be needed to make the project a success. Any thoughts on preferred style. Photos are a great way to convey what you like. If you don’t know where to get started perhaps we can meet and work together to decide on the best course of action.

The cost varies based on the complexity and size of your project. After the initial consultation we can give you
more information and provide a proposal and estimate for our services.

Yes, we have a variety of options for showing you your project in 3D. Black and white perspectives and virtual tours are a great way to make sure you are happy with the form and features. Realistic 3D-colored renderings go that next step and make for a great addition to a marketing package. You can provide us with your finish selections or one of our Finishing Consultants can guide you through selecting finishes.

We provide the building design drawings for the project. There may be items such as engineered truss drawings, equipment specifications and unique product specifications that typically come from suppliers and trades. Large scale projects often also need engineered plans for civil, mechanical, electrical, structural, and energy code compliance.

It is always recommended that you have a Geotech report of your property if the consulting engineer is not
familiar with the soil conditions in the area. If you are building in a new area, the developer was likely required
to get a Geotech report for the entire development. If you are building at a lake or rural location it is more
likely that a Geotech will be required.

We are sometimes able to get information about properties from open-source data but a survey or real property report is ideal. If your property has existing buildings, trees or other features that you want designed around we need a survey showing the size and location of those items. If your property is sloped, it is best to get a topographical survey so we can design your building or buildings to suit the property.


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