70's Bungalow

Farmhouse Facelift

Look familiar? There are thousands of homes in this style that dot the prairies, not to mention the thousands more in both urban and rural areas around North America. Their popularity was sparked by their simplicity and functionality. In a post war era where everyone dreamed of owning a home of their own, homes needed… Read more

Energy Efficiency – How Does It Impact Me?

On January 1, 2019, Saskatchewan joined the rest of the country by adopting a new section of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC). Section 9.36 sets out new requirements for the energy efficiency and airtightness of houses. The first question most people ask is “How does it impact me?” Robinson Residential Design, as home… Read more

Is it Time for an Electrical Upgrade?

Written by Rachael Newcombe of envisionup.com Let’s face it: your electrical panel and wiring isn’t the most exciting thing to talk about when creating your home or renovation plans.   But you may get excited when you find out how convenient your day-to-day life would be if you made these electrical upgrades to your home. 1.  Safe,… Read more

Renovation Before and After

Should I Build A New Home or Renovate My Existing Home?

This question is asked with increasing frequency as people are reluctant to leave their more spacious backyard for a new house with next to no yard. Any renovation or addition to your home has to solve your space problems and suit your style but most of all also meet your budget. Before you can get… Read more

1957 Chevy

If My Home Were A Car – Thoughts on Affordable Housing

If my house were a car, I think it would be a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. Not huge, suitable for a small family, and modestly stylish for the time. At 1207 square feet, it was a common three bedroom bungalow with one bath, sitting on a bare sixty foot wide lot in suburbia. It was… Read more

Secondary Suite Entrance

Is a Secondary Suite Worth It?

Many people are looking at secondary suites as a way to make a new home more affordable. There are many questions to consider. Do you really want to share your new house? What design issues do you need to consider when designing your home plans? Do the rewards outweigh the financial costs of constructing a… Read more


What is Craftsman Style?

In architecture a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case you can instantly see the style and appeal of a Craftsman home and understand why it has been such a popular choice since its debut in the early 1900’s. Craftsman Style Principles The Craftsman style originated at a time when people were tired… Read more


10 Things I Learned Designing and Building a Tiny House

Surprising as it may seem, a tiny house can be built to a higher standard than conventional houses on foundations.  These are some of the “tiny” lessons I learned in designing and building our first Tiny House: 1.  Size matters  – For portable tiny houses, regulations for height and width are stipulated by the Department of… Read more


Good-Bye Clothing Chaos

  In today’s society people tend to have an abundance of clothing and they need a place to put all of these items. Properly organized closet space with storage solutions can turn a closet that looks like a tornado went through it into a masterfully organized showroom. Many master bedroom designs try to incorporate a… Read more


Top 5 Things Your Home Designer Needs to Know

Just like there is no such thing as a stupid question, there is no such thing as too much information that you can provide your designer. That said, there are definitely varying levels of importance for the information you provide in relation to your custom home plans. For example, saying that you prefer drawers instead of base… Read more