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70's Bungalow

Farmhouse Facelift

Look familiar? There are thousands of homes in this style that dot the prairies, not to mention the thousands more in both urban and rural areas around North America. Their popularity was sparked by their simplicity and functionality. In a post war era where everyone dreamed of owning a home…

1957 Chevy

If My Home Were A Car – Thoughts on Affordable Housing

If my house were a car, I think it would be a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. Not huge, suitable for a small family, and modestly stylish for the time. At 1207 square feet, it was a common three bedroom bungalow with one bath, sitting on a bare sixty foot wide…


Good-Bye Clothing Chaos

  In today’s society people tend to have an abundance of clothing and they need a place to put all of these items. Properly organized closet space with storage solutions can turn a closet that looks like a tornado went through it into a masterfully organized showroom. Many master bedroom…


Top 5 Things Your Home Designer Needs to Know

Just like there is no such thing as a stupid question, there is no such thing as too much information that you can provide your designer. That said, there are definitely varying levels of importance for the information you provide in relation to your custom home plans. For example, saying that you…


What Exactly is a Bungaloft?

Written by Mike Herperger In today’s age of newly invented words such as “double double” and “guesstimate“ I was not too surprised to first hear of the “Bungaloft”.   Like other new words it took me a while to understand what a Bungaloft was and to start using the word myself….


The Basics of Kitchen Design

By Vanessa Davies When designing your new home, the kitchen can be the most important room on the floor plan.  We use our kitchens from morning until night and sometimes in between. A large percent of an interior finishing budget will go into the kitchen so it is important that…