Custom Home Design

With over 40 years of experience in the home design business, the team at Robinson Residential can help make your dream home a reality. We will work with you to design your new home, giving consideration to your individual preferences, needs, budget and building site. The end result with be a unique home plan that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

The Design Process

1.  Initial Consultation
  • Fill out the ‘Design Criteria’  form below before the meeting.
  • Bring any pictures of interior rooms and details, or exterior styles you would like incorporated into your home – the more information the better!!
  • The design process will be more efficient when your wants and needs for your home are determined ahead of time.
2.  Floor Plan Design
  • The designer will take your ideas from the initial consultation and turn them into floor plans and a site plan.
  • The floor plans will include room sizes, suggested furniture placement, and special features notes. The site plan will show how your home will be situated on your property.
  • The plans will be reviewed at a second meeting where revisions are noted and fine tuning is discussed.
3.  Exterior Design
  • The exterior will be designed to complement your floor plans and preferred style.
  • Exterior elevation drawings can be reviewed at a meeting or emailed to you. This is your opportunity to comment on the windows, doors, finishes and overall style.
  • We can also provide 3D renderings of your exterior or interior and 3D virtual tours of what your home will look like.

Construction Drawings

Once you are 100% happy with your home design, we will prepare your construction drawings.

Construction Drawings include:

  • further detailed elevations and floor plans
  • foundation plan
  • roof plan
  • framing plans
  • lighting and electrical plans
  • building sections and construction details
  • site plan

Most municipalities require that the foundation drawings are reviewed and sealed by a local engineer.  We work with local engineers in Saskatchewan. If you are from out of province, you will need to have the drawings sealed by an engineer in your area.


Design Criteria

Before the design process begins, you should ask yourself the following questions (view as PDF) or fill out the form below:

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