Renovation Design

Often people find that the needs for their home have changed, but they love their yard and neighborhood and aren’t interested in relocating.  If a renovation is the best choice for you, we are happy to help.  We will take care to ensure that your renovation design ties into the existing architectural style of your home, as well as complementing the surrounding neighborhood.


The Renovation Design Process

Initial Consultation

  • An initial appointment is made with a senior designer to come to your home to discuss the feasibility and design aspects of your project. This initial site consultation allows the designer to see the space first hand in order to provide the best possible design ideas.
  • The designer will then provide an estimate for the project by email. This estimate is only a general approximation of cost as renovations typically involve many unknowns. Sometimes there are surprises hidden behind the existing walls!
  • If you accept the estimate and choose to proceed, a team will come to your site to take measurements. If you choose not to proceed with your project, you will be billed a flat fee of $350 for the initial consultation.  (Projects outside Regina will be billed $350 plus mileage and travel time.)
  • Any existing drawings or surveys of your house and property are helpful and can help to reduce some of the on-site measuring and as-built drawing time.

As-built Drawings

  • As-built floor plans and elevations are prepared based on the measurements taken on site.  These are the drawings of your existing house or portion to be renovated.  We use our discretion to determine how much of the existing house needs to be drawn. 

Floor Plan Renovation Design

  • The designer will take the as-built drawings and your ideas from the initial consultation and design a new floor plan as well as a site plan.
  • The floor plans will include room sizes, suggested furniture placement and special features notes. The site plan will show how your addition ties into the existing building on the property.
  • The floor plans will be reviewed with you to discuss possible revisions and fine tuning.

Exterior Renovation Design

  • The exterior will be designed to complement your floor plans, the existing architectural style and the surrounding neighborhood.  We use our discretion to determine how many exterior views are required based on the extent of the renovations.  If you are only making changes to the interior of your home, then exterior elevations may not be required.
  • Once you have reviewed and accepted the elevations and final floor plans, we will proceed to the construction drawings.  All revisions and changes should be complete before we move to this step.

Construction Drawings

The extent of renovation construction drawings is determined on a case by case basis.  We will provide the level of detail required to obtain your building permit and construct the addition/ renovation.

Renovation Construction Drawings typically include:

  • further detailed elevations and floor plans
  • demolition plan
  • foundation plan
  • roof plan
  • framing plans
  • lighting and electrical plans
  • building sections and construction details
  • site plan

Most municipalities require that the foundation drawings are reviewed and sealed by a local engineer.  We work with a local engineer in Saskatchewan to add their structural details and notes to our drawings.